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Fodder grinders
Fodder grinders
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It is designated for grinding of grain and coarse fodder /hay, alfalfa, cornstalks/. It provides the best possibility for fodder processing in private stock - breeding farms. It is convenient for shredding of corncobs. The location of hammers upon the four axles breadth of the camera; and the sieve which is located on the whole periphery provides the device with a high productivity.

Hammer Fodder grinders F-1.2 Print E-mail

It is designed for grinding of grain and coarse fodder / hay, alfalfa, cornstalks/ as well as for corncobs, oil cakes and addition of minerals. It is suitable for fodder processing in private stockbreeding farms and fodder sheds. It grinds the material by free strikes of the hammers at a high periphery speed. The ground-up stuff is transported in cyclone with the help of a ventilator and is further separated from the air. It is gathered at the end in sacks with the help of unloading arms.

Hammer Fodder grinders F-1.2 with a diesel engine (14 kw)