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Water spraying devices
Water Sprayng Devices
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They are designated for watering of agricultural crops with well-developed root and stalk systems. The devices could operate independently in stationary and semi-stationary irrigation systems, or combined with mobile motor pump aggregates and pump attachments, ensuring the necessary parameters of pressure and flow.

R-15; SILA-20D; SILA-30; SILA-30D; SILA-40S Print E-mail

The water-spraying machines "SILA" convert water received under pressure in an artificial fine rain, which is equally distributed over area sprayed. The machines under manufacture are of rocker and deflective type, and are supplied with easily changeable nozzles. There are two modifications offered - made of aluminum alloy and made of polyamide, the nozzles for both are made of polyamide. They are corrosion - proof in all conditions. The water spraying apparatuses "SILA" are supplied to mobile, semi-stationary and stationary water- spraying installations. They effect main and refreshing watering of the agricultural crops.