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Water spraying instalations Band spraying instalations
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IDL 82, IDL 90, IDL 100, IDL 110, IDL 90T
The band water spraying installations are designated for automated watering of all kinds of agricultural crops with moderately and well-developed root and stalk system. The devices can operate over areas with slope up to 15%. 

The water is supplied either from the hydrants of stationary and semi-stationary irrigation networks, or from open water sources with the help of the diesel pump aggregates as well as tractor driven pump attachments, electro pumps and other appliances with a proper flow and operation pressure. When the water is supplied from stationary and semi-stationary irrigation networks, the distance between the hydrants should be form 72m. to 108m; and the distance between the pipelines depends upon the length /L/ of flexible pipeline of the installations. Length of the flexible pipeline distance between the pipelines

200m ------------------- 432m

240m ------------------- 512m

300m ------------------- 632m